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MICROLOANS and more…

Spring Break
During our recent Spring vacation our devoted teachers offered music classes to our students and gave extra help to some of the children who are having difficulties with their school work. Now we’re back from vacation and offering our usual homework classes, from Monday to Friday.


Microloans for entrepreneurs
In case you haven’t heard, we’ve been offering a course to teach people how to start and run businesses using Biblical principles (Focus Business School) and we will be offering microloans to help some of them get their businesses going.

On Monday we met to pray for our first microloan distributions; that GOD will bless the entrepreneurs with knowledge and wisdom in what they’re planning to do. We’re praying for the borrowers to succeed in their businesses and be a testimony to GOD’s blessing in our community and that they will be able to reimburse the money to us so others can use it after them.

We were able to give our first microloan to an entrepreneur who will be raising chickens for eggs. This is a $1500 business. We are so proud for our first loan and we praise GOD for our funders who allowed GOD to use them for this. What an opportunity!

Specific Prayers

We also prayed for the things listed below.  Would you join us in prayer for them as well?

1. We pray for full success for all our students as they are working on their last semester of the school year.
2. We have four students who are having great difficulty and we pray they will catch up and be able to move up to the next level.
3. We have a few students who are being rude and disobedient and we pray for a change in their attitudes and behavior.
4. We pray for our sponsors and the funders of our programs wherever they are.
5. We pray for our staff members and personnel here in Bukavu, for good health and motivation.
6. We pray for the continued success of our education center and all its programs.

More about microloans later!

With love,


Bintu head shot



Bintu in a cowboy hat?


New cowboy hat. San Antonio, Texas

My visit with Bintu:

What a blessing it was to finally, after so many years—at least 10—to have my sweet sister, Bintu, travel all the way to Texas to visit with David and me.  We so enjoyed her


At Mi Tierra in San Antonio’s Market Square

stay here and were glad to offer her respite after her flurry of travel and presentations.  My favorite part of her visit was our taking her downtown to the Alamo in San Antonio, along with taking her to the top of the Tower of the Americas so that she could see the entire city and surrounding areas.  We ate an afternoon snack there in the revolving restaurant, which was a comedy in and of itself with David present.  On the Riverwalk, we ate Texas Barbecue and  bought her a Cowboy hat which she took with her back to Congo (I can’t wait to see pictures of her in Congo with her hat!).


Tower of the Americas San Antonio, Texas

One of the things we discussed was quilting and how we could put together packets to send to Congo for the children to learn to quilt.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time this trip to get any of the kits made.  I hope to get a few made with instructions, learn SKYPE, and see if we can’t have some online classes.

I think her favorite part of the visit was just relaxing and taking as many showers as she wanted.  I didn’t think it would be so hard to let her go, but it was.  I am so glad we got to visit and just love up on one another as sisters do.  My hope is that she will be able to return again on her next visit for more rest and relaxation.

Sara Johnson
Boerne, Texas




Above left: Making a presentation about FHA in Boerne, Texas.

Top right: Visiting with Rachel and Madeline in Boerne, Texas (did I really teach them French 10 years ago?).

Bottom right: Texas barbecue on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas

We couldn’t do this without you…

A message from the

Future Hope Africa Board of Directors:

Christmas Star

On Christmas day, we are invited to join the shepherds and angels in their celebration (Luke 2:8–20) and the Wise Men in their worship (Matthew 2:1–12). Our Father calls us to unite with that “great multitude that noone could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages” who are “standing before the throne and before the Lamb” (Revelation 7:9). With the saints of the ages and the angels of all eternity, we offer our praise to our Incarnate Lord.


The FHA Board of Directors sends Christmas Greetings to all our partners in Africa, Europe and the United States. We thank you for your support throughout this year to educate and mentor children, youth and families in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). You have been faithful in prayer and monetary support, allowing FHA to continue its vital mission in Bukavu. Besides the daily education projects that help many children, we had another successful Vacation Bible School last summer, and FHA has embraced an entrepreneurial training program that is already gaining results with budding entrepreneurs.


Not the least of 2017’s accomplishments was Bintu’s three month speaking tour in the United States. We humbly thank all our volunteers who made this trip a huge success, and to all the new friends of FHA Bintu made in seven states. Her visits to America and Europe are vital to expanding FHA’s support network. As one partner expressed, “Africa is pretty far from our minds and hearts, so having a face to the place is something totally new.” We hope to increase these (now) biennial visits in the near-future, if financially viable.


Above all, FHA’s educational mission provides HOPE and JOY to those in need in Bukavu. Your partnership is a great gift this Christmas. We echo the words of the Apostle Paul to his dear friends at Philippi when he wrote: “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you” because of their “partnership in the Gospel” (Philippians 1:3, 5 ESV).

May God Bless you all in 2018!


Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 11.47.22 AM.png

From the staff at Future Hope Africa in Bukavu, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support and prayers for a successful 2017. We look forward to sharing more of our success stories in 2018 with your support for helping us touch the lives of more children and families in Bukavu along with teaching adults the Christian values and ethics of entrepreneurship in business life.

Please visit our website for more info about Future Hope Africa:

The Swedish Winter Challenge

A Letter From Bintu:

Dear all,

I have been back (in Bukavu) for a couple weeks now and after resting some, unpacking and getting back into my routine here, I thought that I could take some time to give you all an overall report for the SWC (Swedish Winter Challenge).

Bintu in Sweden

Bintu at the Challenge


About the Swedish Winter Challenge,

The program was called : The Facilitative Leadership Development (FLD)

1. The MBCI ( Mentor and Business Coaches International) Partnering Transformation, the organized conference went for 4 days and then we took the last day before our departure to close and wrap up the training. During the training we followed a theoretical book and led in some practice exercises and role-play in the process. A mentor came from South Africa and two from Australia and with them, our Swedish mentors about 5 or 6 of them, were leading the teams.

This was a very good mentorship training – the MBCI way -. Their particularity is that they base the training on Biblical Principles. Jesus being the first and the best of all mentors. The movement started in Australia by a couple that we met on Skype on our last day of training; and now they have mentors all over the world, but until now, none in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).

This year was the second Conference organized in this way. And the (organizer) from

Swedish Winter Challenge

MCBI Swedish Winter Challenge

Sweden, Jenny Jacobson, had a strong wish to have somebody from Congo this year. Someone told her … so many negative things about Congo … so for her it was an answer from GOD and a miracle that I was able to go.

2. A business exposure and match-making – the investment opportunities
In this second part of the program, we were paired with some Swedish businessmen/Entrepreneurs. I personally was partnered with an important furniture reseller. He took me and a Namibian fellow SWC participant to visit a Plastic bag and Recycling factory and also a wood working factory.

It was very interesting to interview these people and hear about their journey, their ups and downs and the way they always managed to succeed.

With the whole group we went to an Apple and Strawberry plantation and juice factory. Then we visited a milk cow farm and a tree-house hotel…

Very interesting to see how the Swedish people managed to adapt to the rough winters. Thus the Winter Challenge in the Conference title.

3. Short presentations of our organisations / businesses
In this part of the challenge, we were given the opportunity to talk about what our business is about. This is where I talked about the work we are doing for the Community. Nothing business investors would be interested in, in terms of financial benefit, but our trainers were proud of all of our speeches, and of mine in particular, since I did not have the same kind of business to sell, but I managed to talk very boldly about it.

What I gained from this experience

As far as the MBCI is concerned, I really got some value added and I am praying that I will be enabled to pursue the training. And for the business match-making part, I wish I was more of a businesswoman to benefit from the investments and partnership, but I have a different call … But I think that I got some great ideas that can serve others / mentees for instance …

As far as the business exposure and investment possibility are concerned, I still don’t know what our limits are for FHA (Future Hope Africa) to do something like that to assure self-funding. That could also be a route to explore for partnership with the Swedish investors… or not.

In fact, when I came back and heard about how much infectious problems some people are having here from the waters we are using, I rethought about the iCATUS project to train us how to capture the rain waters and make it a business for someone we want to empower (We will add more information about this later).

And above all that are all the new relationships I/we got from this experience …. Experience we can keep even outside the SWC. Now I have brothers and sisters in Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Australia and even in Sweden that I did not know before this trip and that now know about FHA and what we are doing.

I distributed more than 50 business cards and got about a dozen.

The first thing I am planning to do is to do a (presentation) of my experience to the staff members (at the Center in Bukavu). From there, we will see how it goes.
Thanks to all,
And blessings,