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Countdown to VBS…

Future Hope Africa family:

Happy July 4th for our American friends; many of you celebrated America’s independence this week. Speaking of that, on a historical note, the D.R. Congo received its independence from Belgium on June 30, 1960.


Whooo—whoooo–All aboard FHA’s VBS train! I had my weekly conversation with Bintu on Wednesday and then went on my regular 4-mile run. After both those events I can say “I’m all fired up!”. All I could think about while running was all the great things Bintu’s team is doing to change lives in Bukavu. What an inspiration!


YES; the VBS train has left the station and is gathering speed. It will eventually ‘carry’ 35 teacher/facilitators and 165 children to a life-changing, two-week experience. Unfortunately, Bintu has to turn children away due to lack of space.




This VBS is only possible with your prayer and financial support, and we are far from our financial goal to provide a spiritual and leadership intensive program for these children and teenagers.

PLEASE VISIT AND SHARE OUR VBS MightyCause page: or go to


Here are of some of the things happening in Bukavu right now:
¬ Bintu’s team is preparing a program to be broadcast on local radio stations in Bukavu; they will talk about the Focus Business School and VBS programs, and also cleaning the environment.
¬ Summer school has begun and Bintu has introduced a new class on local traffic codes. She says even adults know little about traffic codes for the streets of Bukavu. Other classes include music, reading and writing, and English (with a new instructor!)
¬ The solar panel installed earlier this spring is working well and the Center will soon pay its final payment. The contractor has been very helpful, making certain the system works well and the Center is satisfied.

Future Hope Africa’s VBS 2018 runs from July 23 to August 3.


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Blessings to all for your

commitment to Future Hope Africa. 


….Steve Butler, member – Board of Directors




Praises and Prayer Requests from Bintu this week:


  • We are so thankful for the commitment of each of our team members here in Bukavu in preparing for the vacation/summer classes coming straight ahead.
  • We are grateful for the study we are doing in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah to prepare for VBS. We have been learning so much together with lots of insights from each of us. As they say, there is more in two than there is in one brain.

As for the prayer requests, join us this week in praying for:

That GOD would make us more and more leaders like Nehemiah before we start training the helpers;

  • That He would send us helpers that will really be helpful and committed;
  • That He will be with us as we teach the summer classes we started this week;
  • That He will provide for everything we need for VBS.

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For His Grace and Glory,

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This week in Bukavu – 6/18



Our Focus Business School class

Ready to Graduate


This was a great FBS class. These adult students were all motivated, diligent and punctual. They were presented with 48 Focus Business School lessons and had 41 individual and 5 group homework assignments which they worked hard to complete.


Their final assessment test was scheduled for 4 hours but they surprised us by finishing in 2 hours. They all did well and will graduate on Friday (22 June).


A short break for our teachers,

but planning continues…


The past few weeks have been very intense as our teachers helped the children prepare for their finals at the end of each school year in mid-June.


After such intensive work the teachers need a week off, while we, the directors, prepare for the vacation activities.


Meanwhile, music classes continue; notably, Rachel will be collaborating with the music team and some VBS children to record all the songs that children co-wrote for each VBS since the first one in 2009!


As our teachers return later this week we will have the FBS graduation, then we will get ready to welcome the children for the start of vacation activities next Monday.

Then it will be almost nonstop until the school year begins in September.


Praises and prayer requests for the week of June 18th, 2018


  • We are grateful that a much needed tooth operation when well for Rachel!

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray we’ll meet our fundraising goal for VBS  which starts in just a few weeks.
  • Pray that we will see some progress in our plans to expand our education center or to move to a larger building;
  • Pray for all staff members to come with renewed energy for successful vacation activities;
  • Pray that our vacation activities will be a solution to specific Community problems.


For His Grace and Glory,


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This week in Bukavu – 6/8

FHA VBS Group 1


Vacation activities are in the works…


During school vacation time we have two groups of activities. A few that are fun and where the students have some choice in which ones they participate in. And a few more where the teachers choose children who have to take them, because they’re having some difficulties that need to be addressed.

  1. Learning while having fun!
  • Music lessons and introduction to different music instruments,
  • Introduction to the Traffic Law,
  • Writing and Reading workshop,
  • English lessons
  1. Learning to upgrade our level!
  • Calculations and French lessons

Some of our children are at a very low level in Mathematics and languages. Vacation time is a great opportunity to focus on strengthening their knowledge in these areas of weakness.


Of course, we will also offer our two-week Vacation Bible School at the end of July. More on that later (see below for the link to visit our Mightycause VBS page).


Focus Business School – What’s next?


Focus Business School is positively impacting people’s lives here in Bukavu.

We’re excited for the eight students who just finished the most recent FBS training and are on their way to being successful entrepreneurs.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. The students will study and take a final test in order to graduate from the FBS course.
  2. Then students will build a business plan and submit it to our micro-loan committee.
  3. Our committee will choose the students with the best business plans to receive our financial support in the form of a micro-loan.
  4. Our follow-up team will ensure the students are managing their businesses well.

We are looking forward to the FBS graduation day in July and are already planning for our next trainings.


Praises and Prayer requests:


  • We had a peaceful week and tests went well for our children.

Please join us this week in praying for:

  • the children who are still preparing to start their tests.
  • for FBS as we are preparing for the testing to graduate those students and plan for the next trainings;
  • for the summer activities at the center, for VBS and for all the workers who will be involved in these activities;
  • for our sponsors
  • for our new building projects and for the expansion of our center.

For His Grace and Glory,


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This week in Bukavu – 6/1

FHA March 2017 8

The school year is coming to an end!


For several weeks now, the children in our homework school have been focusing on their studies more attentively as they prepare for their finals. This is the last week of school for the secondary school students, and two more weeks to go for the primary school students!

A few students have to study much harder for their final tests to be able to pass their classes since they accumulated some bad grades throughout the year. Others are just gathering all their strength to do their best on the tests.

We’ve had some difficult cases this year; some turbulent students, some who needed more assistance than others. Regardless, our teachers work hard to ensure that ALL children entrusted to us by their parents are given the best chances to succeed and pass to the next grade level.

Normally we charge a small fee for our tutoring service and some families were not able to pay anything, but we still helped their children. Some paid when they could and when they couldn’t their children still came to us. It is not always easy but we are proud to be able to serve in this way and seeing the appreciation of the parents always encourages us.

In September 2017 our Homework school started with 54 children; way too many for the space we can provide. 47 are in elementary schools, 7 in secondary schools. As of now, we have 18 children on a waiting list. We should be able to enroll several of those for next year, since some who graduate from the primary school will probably not need our assistance any longer.

However, it would be great to have more space so we can accommodate all students who need our help. We do have plans to expand the space at our education center. Please pray with us that these plans will move forward soon, that we will obtain permission to build an addition and that GOD will provide the funds to build it.


The Spring 2018 FBS training is completed

We finally finished our fourth Focus Business School entrepreneurial training on Monday (28 May), and there is so much to tell about this. We thank the Almighty GOD for the transformation we are seeing every time we have these entrepreneurship sessions. We are looking so much to the future and all the testimonies we will get from this growing number of potential business men and women who are encountering this good news. Stay tuned for a review of this latest training, and a preview of FBS training to begin in July.


Prayer requests for the week of May 28th, 2018


  • For the successful finish of our most recentFocus Business School training
  • For GOD’s provision through your financial commitment and the few local contributors to our programs.
  • For many books (714 novels, Bible studies) in English given by a local businessman.
  • For the relatively stable water and electricity supply we’ve had for several weeks!

Prayer requests:

  • For our secondary school students who are doing finals this week; and the primary students who are preparing to start their testing next week.
  • That we will see progress on an agreement for a building project to expand the space at our tutoring center to allow us to offer more and better services.
  • Blessings on the VBS activities that are being planned.
  • For our sponsors, that the Almighty One will bless all their sources of income more and more.

We’d like to thank YOU – our financial partners – who have allowed us to enroll, educate and mentor children and adults in Bukavu. Without your commitments we could not open our doors!

For His Grace and Glory,



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This Week in Bukavu – 5/25

Raising Awareness for a Cleaner Bukavu

We had our first public procession on Sunday evening (May 20th) to raise awareness about the garbage in Bukavu. We walked a couple of miles back and forth in the streets of the Emery Patrice Lumumba Boulevard, ending a couple hours later at Mushere school.

During our walk we carried signs with different messages to raise awareness and to alert the population of Nguba about the bad waste management in our area:

  • My city is not a dump,
  • We need a clean city,
  • Filth is bad, GOD does not like it,
  • The streets are not your toilets,
  • Filth is bad for your health,
  • Cleanness makes us honorable,
  • and so on…

We used some of the same messages that our City Hall has used before so the people could see the collaboration between us and city officials on this event. After our event we posted those messages on walls in the streets.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our Mayor sent two local journalists to our event for press coverage and a few interviews were given. The Mayor supporting our actions is a good thing we can use to influence more change in the city. We have a few ideas about that!

We also asked 15 churches in the area to read a special message during Sunday morning services to encourage everyone that each of us has the responsibility to keep the place GOD gave us clean. We wanted to remind the people that church has a mission to help improve local conditions. It is a shame that people overlook that one aspect of the church mission.

FHA’s Young Leaders’ Clubs have some very ambitious projects for our environmental program and we’re happy to see these young people are learning how to impact their community in a positive way. We feel this helps them to be good leaders.

Our Young Leaders have selected a portion of the street to work on and clean up, and hopefully this will set an example for others to copy. We are hoping that soon a nice walk in the street can be enjoyable again without so much garbage everywhere.

We are so thankful for your prayer support. Everything went well, no incident or anything bad. We are really thankful to our GOD!


Prayer and Praise

First, praise the LORD with us!

  • For the breath and good health, that HE continues to provide to us here and to our sponsors all over;
  • For the procession on Sunday that went so well and with no incident!

Please pray with us:

  • For the children who are preparing for finals this week already and for all of the children who are soon ending this school year. That they may succeed;
  • For this year’s VBS funding, that the Almighty GOD will open doors, and for the team to come up with a divinely made theme for a transforming VBS training for our youth;
  • For our Focus Business School training ending this week and for the next training, that HE will provide and prepare the next people to be transformed by these entrepreneurial principles;
  • For our three clubs (Princesses, Princes and the Green club) that they will make great young leaders and positively influence many around them, for a changed Bukavu/ Congo


With love,


Bintu head shot

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This week in Bukavu – 5/18

Future Hope Africa Green Club


The population in Bukavu has multiplied so much from 1996 when the first war started. Now, a city built for a couple hundred thousand people is filled with 830.000 and counting, in 2018, and the household waste has grown proportionally.

Unfortunately, there is no system organized for waste management here. And the new population is not educated for that. Thus, the streets are full of dumps and houses are dwelling among small ones here and there.

One of the consequences of that being that people now, especially young ones end up not liking their city and strive to seek for life elsewhere, they think they can do nothing to help improve things here. FHA actions are showing that we can surely do something to improve things in our country!

FHA decided to take action about this as well. Our first Green Club for a cleaner environment was created last school year in one of our partner schools called Mushere, with the idea of  duplication in other schools.

Our youth in the Prince club and the members of the Mushere Green Club, about 30 young people in all, cleaned the three dumps that were surrounding the streets near our center. We are sending announcements to be read in the churches on Sunday morning to raise awareness among the Christian community, and then on Sunday afternoon (May 20th), we will march with messages to discourage bad and unsafe waste management. For our own wellbeing.

When we went to ask for permission at the city hall, the Mayor was so supportive and promised to provide press covering to the procession on Sunday. We believe they will help us in the follow up as well.

We will let you know how this procession goes!

Photos from our Cleanup Day…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s how you can help FHA:

  1. Ask if your church would help sponsor our VBS for 2018
  2. Pray with us:
  • For our Young Leader and Green Clubs event on Sunday May the 20th,  that all will go well and it will have the desired impact on the population of Nguba, to help create a cleaner Bukavu.
  • Did you know we have to write our own VBS curriculum?  Please pray as we are trying to decide about the theme for this year’s VBS, that HE will provide wisdom.
  • For the building expansion of the Kanega Education Center (we need more space to serve more students), that HE would open the doors that are still closed.


With love,


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This week in Bukavu – 5/7


A program for the cleaner environment


Our first Green Club for a cleaner environment was started last school year in one of our partner schools, called Mushere, with the idea of duplication in other schools.

These are the Green Club leaders from the Mushere school.


Water gets into the classrooms at Mushere school during the rainy season so the Green Club members recently built retaining walls and planted grass to help control the water.


Our youth and FHA are preparing to officially launch this program with a procession and a street cleaning on the 17th of this month.

More about that next week, as we continue with the prep work for the launching event!




FBS is a curriculum created by Marco Strömberg a Swedish fellow, who got a revelation from GOD during a mission in Burma. He decided he would join an entrepreneurial training to the gospel he was preaching to these local beneficiaries to help them raise out of poverty. The results that came after his very first try were very encouraging. There was born a course that has been translated in several languages and taught in many developing countries to fight poverty.

FBS is a course given in 48 lessons, summarized in the nine themes below.

  1. The Seed (included in the Introduction lesson)
  2. Bringing your personal finances into balance
  3. Dreams and visions
  4. Business plan
  5. Market mechanisms
  6. Business basics
  7. The character of a businessman
  8. Biblical finances
  9. The spiritual businessman / woman

Our fourth Focus Business School training is ongoing since February. We host a 1:30 min. lesson time for entrepreneurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after the school children are dismissed from their homework class at 16h30. Two-thirds of the lessons have been given so far in the first 7 themes.

We are expecting to finish the program this month and get ready for our fifth FBS. We are also praying that we’ll be blessed with more funds for the microloans to accompany and to encourage our graduates!

As we said last week, this program is a must for anyone who wants to be eligible for our microloan program.


Here’s how you can help FHA


Please pray with us:

  • That GOD will give the Kanega Center staff the wisdom, strength and vision to mentor and encourage our students.
  • For the Focus Business School participants to understand all the financial and Biblical concepts presented during this course.
  • For the Green club event on the 17th , and for its impact on the population of Nguba, Bukavu (more on the Green club later).
  •  Help us to have the vision and resources to plan vacation activities, particularly for VBS—that God will provide for what he wants us to accomplish.  
  • For the expansion of the Kanega Center as we see that our services could serve more people and make a tremendous change if we expanded our building.
  • For our sponsors and funders in the USA and everywhere else, that GOD would bless them in all they are undertaking.

With love,


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