Countdown to VBS…

Future Hope Africa family:

Happy July 4th for our American friends; many of you celebrated America’s independence this week. Speaking of that, on a historical note, the D.R. Congo received its independence from Belgium on June 30, 1960.


Whooo—whoooo–All aboard FHA’s VBS train! I had my weekly conversation with Bintu on Wednesday and then went on my regular 4-mile run. After both those events I can say “I’m all fired up!”. All I could think about while running was all the great things Bintu’s team is doing to change lives in Bukavu. What an inspiration!


YES; the VBS train has left the station and is gathering speed. It will eventually ‘carry’ 35 teacher/facilitators and 165 children to a life-changing, two-week experience. Unfortunately, Bintu has to turn children away due to lack of space.




This VBS is only possible with your prayer and financial support, and we are far from our financial goal to provide a spiritual and leadership intensive program for these children and teenagers.

PLEASE VISIT AND SHARE OUR VBS MightyCause page: or go to


Here are of some of the things happening in Bukavu right now:
¬ Bintu’s team is preparing a program to be broadcast on local radio stations in Bukavu; they will talk about the Focus Business School and VBS programs, and also cleaning the environment.
¬ Summer school has begun and Bintu has introduced a new class on local traffic codes. She says even adults know little about traffic codes for the streets of Bukavu. Other classes include music, reading and writing, and English (with a new instructor!)
¬ The solar panel installed earlier this spring is working well and the Center will soon pay its final payment. The contractor has been very helpful, making certain the system works well and the Center is satisfied.

Future Hope Africa’s VBS 2018 runs from July 23 to August 3.


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 2.23.23 PM


Blessings to all for your

commitment to Future Hope Africa. 


….Steve Butler, member – Board of Directors




Praises and Prayer Requests from Bintu this week:


  • We are so thankful for the commitment of each of our team members here in Bukavu in preparing for the vacation/summer classes coming straight ahead.
  • We are grateful for the study we are doing in the books of Ezra and Nehemiah to prepare for VBS. We have been learning so much together with lots of insights from each of us. As they say, there is more in two than there is in one brain.

As for the prayer requests, join us this week in praying for:

That GOD would make us more and more leaders like Nehemiah before we start training the helpers;

  • That He would send us helpers that will really be helpful and committed;
  • That He will be with us as we teach the summer classes we started this week;
  • That He will provide for everything we need for VBS.

Bintu head shot


For His Grace and Glory,

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 6.59.09 PM


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