This week in Bukavu – 6/8

FHA VBS Group 1


Vacation activities are in the works…


During school vacation time we have two groups of activities. A few that are fun and where the students have some choice in which ones they participate in. And a few more where the teachers choose children who have to take them, because they’re having some difficulties that need to be addressed.

  1. Learning while having fun!
  • Music lessons and introduction to different music instruments,
  • Introduction to the Traffic Law,
  • Writing and Reading workshop,
  • English lessons
  1. Learning to upgrade our level!
  • Calculations and French lessons

Some of our children are at a very low level in Mathematics and languages. Vacation time is a great opportunity to focus on strengthening their knowledge in these areas of weakness.


Of course, we will also offer our two-week Vacation Bible School at the end of July. More on that later (see below for the link to visit our Mightycause VBS page).


Focus Business School – What’s next?


Focus Business School is positively impacting people’s lives here in Bukavu.

We’re excited for the eight students who just finished the most recent FBS training and are on their way to being successful entrepreneurs.

Here’s what happens next:

  1. The students will study and take a final test in order to graduate from the FBS course.
  2. Then students will build a business plan and submit it to our micro-loan committee.
  3. Our committee will choose the students with the best business plans to receive our financial support in the form of a micro-loan.
  4. Our follow-up team will ensure the students are managing their businesses well.

We are looking forward to the FBS graduation day in July and are already planning for our next trainings.


Praises and Prayer requests:


  • We had a peaceful week and tests went well for our children.

Please join us this week in praying for:

  • the children who are still preparing to start their tests.
  • for FBS as we are preparing for the testing to graduate those students and plan for the next trainings;
  • for the summer activities at the center, for VBS and for all the workers who will be involved in these activities;
  • for our sponsors
  • for our new building projects and for the expansion of our center.

For His Grace and Glory,


Bintu head shot


To DONATE to our VBS Campaign visit our Mightycause page: VBS 2018

Visit our website to learn more about all FHA programs:

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