This week in Bukavu – 6/1

FHA March 2017 8

The school year is coming to an end!


For several weeks now, the children in our homework school have been focusing on their studies more attentively as they prepare for their finals. This is the last week of school for the secondary school students, and two more weeks to go for the primary school students!

A few students have to study much harder for their final tests to be able to pass their classes since they accumulated some bad grades throughout the year. Others are just gathering all their strength to do their best on the tests.

We’ve had some difficult cases this year; some turbulent students, some who needed more assistance than others. Regardless, our teachers work hard to ensure that ALL children entrusted to us by their parents are given the best chances to succeed and pass to the next grade level.

Normally we charge a small fee for our tutoring service and some families were not able to pay anything, but we still helped their children. Some paid when they could and when they couldn’t their children still came to us. It is not always easy but we are proud to be able to serve in this way and seeing the appreciation of the parents always encourages us.

In September 2017 our Homework school started with 54 children; way too many for the space we can provide. 47 are in elementary schools, 7 in secondary schools. As of now, we have 18 children on a waiting list. We should be able to enroll several of those for next year, since some who graduate from the primary school will probably not need our assistance any longer.

However, it would be great to have more space so we can accommodate all students who need our help. We do have plans to expand the space at our education center. Please pray with us that these plans will move forward soon, that we will obtain permission to build an addition and that GOD will provide the funds to build it.


The Spring 2018 FBS training is completed

We finally finished our fourth Focus Business School entrepreneurial training on Monday (28 May), and there is so much to tell about this. We thank the Almighty GOD for the transformation we are seeing every time we have these entrepreneurship sessions. We are looking so much to the future and all the testimonies we will get from this growing number of potential business men and women who are encountering this good news. Stay tuned for a review of this latest training, and a preview of FBS training to begin in July.


Prayer requests for the week of May 28th, 2018


  • For the successful finish of our most recentFocus Business School training
  • For GOD’s provision through your financial commitment and the few local contributors to our programs.
  • For many books (714 novels, Bible studies) in English given by a local businessman.
  • For the relatively stable water and electricity supply we’ve had for several weeks!

Prayer requests:

  • For our secondary school students who are doing finals this week; and the primary students who are preparing to start their testing next week.
  • That we will see progress on an agreement for a building project to expand the space at our tutoring center to allow us to offer more and better services.
  • Blessings on the VBS activities that are being planned.
  • For our sponsors, that the Almighty One will bless all their sources of income more and more.

We’d like to thank YOU – our financial partners – who have allowed us to enroll, educate and mentor children and adults in Bukavu. Without your commitments we could not open our doors!

For His Grace and Glory,



Bintu head shot

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