This Week in Bukavu – 5/25

Raising Awareness for a Cleaner Bukavu

We had our first public procession on Sunday evening (May 20th) to raise awareness about the garbage in Bukavu. We walked a couple of miles back and forth in the streets of the Emery Patrice Lumumba Boulevard, ending a couple hours later at Mushere school.

During our walk we carried signs with different messages to raise awareness and to alert the population of Nguba about the bad waste management in our area:

  • My city is not a dump,
  • We need a clean city,
  • Filth is bad, GOD does not like it,
  • The streets are not your toilets,
  • Filth is bad for your health,
  • Cleanness makes us honorable,
  • and so on…

We used some of the same messages that our City Hall has used before so the people could see the collaboration between us and city officials on this event. After our event we posted those messages on walls in the streets.

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Our Mayor sent two local journalists to our event for press coverage and a few interviews were given. The Mayor supporting our actions is a good thing we can use to influence more change in the city. We have a few ideas about that!

We also asked 15 churches in the area to read a special message during Sunday morning services to encourage everyone that each of us has the responsibility to keep the place GOD gave us clean. We wanted to remind the people that church has a mission to help improve local conditions. It is a shame that people overlook that one aspect of the church mission.

FHA’s Young Leaders’ Clubs have some very ambitious projects for our environmental program and we’re happy to see these young people are learning how to impact their community in a positive way. We feel this helps them to be good leaders.

Our Young Leaders have selected a portion of the street to work on and clean up, and hopefully this will set an example for others to copy. We are hoping that soon a nice walk in the street can be enjoyable again without so much garbage everywhere.

We are so thankful for your prayer support. Everything went well, no incident or anything bad. We are really thankful to our GOD!


Prayer and Praise

First, praise the LORD with us!

  • For the breath and good health, that HE continues to provide to us here and to our sponsors all over;
  • For the procession on Sunday that went so well and with no incident!

Please pray with us:

  • For the children who are preparing for finals this week already and for all of the children who are soon ending this school year. That they may succeed;
  • For this year’s VBS funding, that the Almighty GOD will open doors, and for the team to come up with a divinely made theme for a transforming VBS training for our youth;
  • For our Focus Business School training ending this week and for the next training, that HE will provide and prepare the next people to be transformed by these entrepreneurial principles;
  • For our three clubs (Princesses, Princes and the Green club) that they will make great young leaders and positively influence many around them, for a changed Bukavu/ Congo


With love,


Bintu head shot

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