This week in Bukavu – 5/7


A program for the cleaner environment


Our first Green Club for a cleaner environment was started last school year in one of our partner schools, called Mushere, with the idea of duplication in other schools.

These are the Green Club leaders from the Mushere school.


Water gets into the classrooms at Mushere school during the rainy season so the Green Club members recently built retaining walls and planted grass to help control the water.


Our youth and FHA are preparing to officially launch this program with a procession and a street cleaning on the 17th of this month.

More about that next week, as we continue with the prep work for the launching event!




FBS is a curriculum created by Marco Strömberg a Swedish fellow, who got a revelation from GOD during a mission in Burma. He decided he would join an entrepreneurial training to the gospel he was preaching to these local beneficiaries to help them raise out of poverty. The results that came after his very first try were very encouraging. There was born a course that has been translated in several languages and taught in many developing countries to fight poverty.

FBS is a course given in 48 lessons, summarized in the nine themes below.

  1. The Seed (included in the Introduction lesson)
  2. Bringing your personal finances into balance
  3. Dreams and visions
  4. Business plan
  5. Market mechanisms
  6. Business basics
  7. The character of a businessman
  8. Biblical finances
  9. The spiritual businessman / woman

Our fourth Focus Business School training is ongoing since February. We host a 1:30 min. lesson time for entrepreneurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after the school children are dismissed from their homework class at 16h30. Two-thirds of the lessons have been given so far in the first 7 themes.

We are expecting to finish the program this month and get ready for our fifth FBS. We are also praying that we’ll be blessed with more funds for the microloans to accompany and to encourage our graduates!

As we said last week, this program is a must for anyone who wants to be eligible for our microloan program.


Here’s how you can help FHA


Please pray with us:

  • That GOD will give the Kanega Center staff the wisdom, strength and vision to mentor and encourage our students.
  • For the Focus Business School participants to understand all the financial and Biblical concepts presented during this course.
  • For the Green club event on the 17th , and for its impact on the population of Nguba, Bukavu (more on the Green club later).
  •  Help us to have the vision and resources to plan vacation activities, particularly for VBS—that God will provide for what he wants us to accomplish.  
  • For the expansion of the Kanega Center as we see that our services could serve more people and make a tremendous change if we expanded our building.
  • For our sponsors and funders in the USA and everywhere else, that GOD would bless them in all they are undertaking.

With love,


Bintu head shot

For more information about FHA, please visit:

Our email:


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