This week in Bukavu – 4/28

More on Microloans

Our microloan committee has been working hard going through the business proposals given to us by candidates who would like to receive a microloan from our program.


Did you know it’s not easy to get a microloan from us? To be eligible, candidates must first take our FBS (Focus Business School) training. Some have said “I want the money but I do not need the training.” No, that would be too easy.


By taking the course we can be sure they understand good business practices which will help ensure their success. We also teach them how to build a business plan for their new or expanding business, which they submit to us as part of their application for a microloan.


Last week, as planned, we gave our first two microloans. One for the chicken business I mentioned last week and the other for a convenience store.


We have 3 more proposals pending on our table and are very excited to be able to help individuals start or expand a business that will help their families to be financially stable.


Focus Business School

Speaking of FBS, we are currently hosting our fourth Focus Business School seminar in Bukavu. More about that next week.


Prayer requests for the week of April 23, 2018

Below is a list of our specific prayers from this week’s gathering. Please join us in prayer:

  • That GOD would fill us with energy to serve our children.
  • For the children who participate in our homework school, that GOD will help them understand their lessons easily.
  • For their teachers who need courage and a loving heart to serve the children.
  • For our mobile library and the people who are in charge. Also, that all the children who have the opportunity to read our books, would make the best use of them and it will help them learn.
  • For the Focus Business School course, that GOD will bless the learners as well as the trainers.

We closed with the LORD’s prayer.


With love,


Bintu head shot


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