MICROLOANS and more…

Spring Break
During our recent Spring vacation our devoted teachers offered music classes to our students and gave extra help to some of the children who are having difficulties with their school work. Now we’re back from vacation and offering our usual homework classes, from Monday to Friday.


Microloans for entrepreneurs
In case you haven’t heard, we’ve been offering a course to teach people how to start and run businesses using Biblical principles (Focus Business School) and we will be offering microloans to help some of them get their businesses going.

On Monday we met to pray for our first microloan distributions; that GOD will bless the entrepreneurs with knowledge and wisdom in what they’re planning to do. We’re praying for the borrowers to succeed in their businesses and be a testimony to GOD’s blessing in our community and that they will be able to reimburse the money to us so others can use it after them.

We were able to give our first microloan to an entrepreneur who will be raising chickens for eggs. This is a $1500 business. We are so proud for our first loan and we praise GOD for our funders who allowed GOD to use them for this. What an opportunity!

Specific Prayers

We also prayed for the things listed below.  Would you join us in prayer for them as well?

1. We pray for full success for all our students as they are working on their last semester of the school year.
2. We have four students who are having great difficulty and we pray they will catch up and be able to move up to the next level.
3. We have a few students who are being rude and disobedient and we pray for a change in their attitudes and behavior.
4. We pray for our sponsors and the funders of our programs wherever they are.
5. We pray for our staff members and personnel here in Bukavu, for good health and motivation.
6. We pray for the continued success of our education center and all its programs.

More about microloans later!

With love,


Bintu head shot



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