Kanega Education Center goes Solar

What would YOU do if you did not have electricity most of the day and your generator was getting old and inefficient? (Note: daily electrical outages are part of life in the D.R. Congo.)


FHA’s Director of Operations at the Kanega Education Center, Bukavu, D.R. Congo, Bintu Mujambere decided it was time to take action. She and Dep Director Albert Cigorombo negotiated to sell the old generator and purchase a new one for a great price.

But wait … that’s not all! The Kanega Center has gone SOLAR – and for an incredibly low cost – approximately $700.00; Two thoughts come to mind: WOW! and AWESOME! The panel is in a trial stage for two weeks now. The small monitor panel connects to a battery directly below that charges continuously. Bintu says it gives enough power to operate the center’s ten student and staff computers, the lights, a printer and possibly the projector. However, she has to switch to generator power to heat water for the staff’s tea (if you have an electric kettle, you understand!).


Left: Solar panel on the roof of the Center.  Right: The storage battery.

Solar    Solar Inside


FHA applauds Bintu and her staff’s enterprising spirit to economize while providing education services to many families in the Bukavu community. And we thank our many donors for making it all possible!!

Please remember the people of Bukavu in your prayers as they live daily without electricity, clean water, and other amenities we take for granted.


For more information about Future Hope Africa, please visit our website: futurehopeafrica.org


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