About Congo VBS 2017

“There’s good news and bad news. Which do you want first?”

My husband has heard this question more often than he’s asked it. Personally, I always want the bad news first so we end on a positive note. Sharing the gospel is often done this way as well. The bad news is that we have all done wrong and are unable to be in the perfect God’s presence. The good news is that same perfect God loved us so much He sent his son Jesus to pay the price for all our wrong doing so anybody who trusts in Jesus can be with God forever. I love that!

So here’s the bad news about our Congo Vacation Bible School this summer. Our kickoff day is only 6 days away and we’ve only received $600 of the $5000 budget. Yikes!

The good news is our God does amazing things in only 6 days including leading a donor family to match every gift that is made.

We’ll be posting lots of info about Congo VBS in the next 6 days.

Please Pray. Please Share.

Please Visit our Razoo Foundation crowdfunding site: 





Kristin King – President of Future Hope Africa, Inc.





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