How Your VBS Differs from Congo VBS – Part 4: Two Week VBS?

Your Vacation Bible School is probably one week long from 9-12 or perhaps your church holds an evening VBS. That one week is full of joy and challenge, and at the end of it I, for one, am always fairly exhausted.

With four children of my own out of school and at home, I searched out other
activities in the US such as the Summer Reading Program at the Public Library, days at various parks or museums, swimming at the community pool, and maybe one week of camp. None of these are options for the children in east Congo, so our team works to meet their needs.

That’s how Future Hope Africa always operates.  See a need, try to meet it.

Two week VBS helps meet a need while giving the children twice as many days to play, learn, and worship.  Like yours, Congo VBS has a focal Bible verse and lesson each day that falls under the theme for that summer.

I wrote previously about how the team prayerfully chose our theme of Leadership and wrote our VBS program. When I think of what Africa needs most, I think it is good leaders. Help us raise them up through these daily VBS lessons.

Day 1: Be Humble – Proverbs 22:4 and 18:12
Day 2: Be Courageous – Joshua 1:6
Day 3: Be Honest – 1 Kings 1:52
Day 4: Be Proactive – Proverbs 6:10
Day 5: Be Orderly & Tidy – 1 Cor. 14:40
Day 6: Be Positive – Mark 11:23
Day 7: Listen – Proverbs 1:5
Day 8: Work With Others – Ecclesiastes 4:9
Day 9: Be a Servant – Matthew 23:11-12
Day 10: Keep the Environment – Numbers 35:34

Two weeks also means twice as many bus trips to budget for the helpers, twice as many snacks to provide (but for three times as many children this year), and more buses to rent for the VBS field trip.

What? Your VBS doesn’t have a field trip? Then I better make that the topic for tomorrow.

Please share this post and others. Help us get the word out. Congo VBS kicks off this coming Monday and our crowdfunding campaign is still short.

Only 1 day left* to double the impact of your gift to our campaign so, please consider giving a gift that will impact the lives of the children in Bukavu.
*Our anonymous donor will match your gift dollar-for-dollar until Wednesday 7/20/16.

Click here to visit our Razoo Campaign page.


Up Next: Why a VBS Field Trip?



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