How Your VBS Differs from Congo VBS – Part 3: Budget for Volunteers

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If you’ve ever helped with Vacation Bible School, you know it’s an all hands on deck endeavor. Every paid staff member of the church contributes with most putting in over-volunteer-time. In that respect, our Congo VBS is similar, except the paid staff are those from our Future Hope Africa education center.

Two aspects of our helpers’ situation probably differ from your VBS, though.

First, a portion of the budget that we’re crowdfunding (visit our Razoo pg) for is for the volunteers. Wait a minute, you’re probably thinking, volunteers don’t get paid, so why is there a volunteer item in the budget?

As we attempt to open our Congo VBS to three times as many children this year, we had to rent facilities, which means the whole shebang is taking place in a different location.

Unlike most of the staff and volunteers at your church VBS, our folks do not have their own transportation. In fact, I only know of one staff member who owns a car.

Since we moved to a larger facility (See VBS Part 2), we have to consider the burden we place on our volunteers and staff to get to and from the rented school. Thus, we have a budget line for volunteer transportation that we’ll use to pay for their bus rides to and from VBS each day.

Second, you may recall your church asking for VBS helpers right up to a week or two before VBS. That is completely understandable considering summer schedules and the great number of volunteers it takes to bring these programs together for the children.

This is sort of backwards, though, from Congo VBS. You probably had your funding early in the year and bring the help in later. We’ve had our full cohort of workers since April and are now only 7 days away from VBS and still asking for funds.

I hope my posts about Congo VBS will inspire you to click the Share button. Let others know that they can help children halfway across the world have the same great encounters with God that we and our children have at home. I’ll keep writing about the differences and count on you to share them.

Maybe one of your children loves VBS and would like to help by hosting a lemonade stand or bake sale?

There are only 2 days left* to double the impact of your gift to our campaign so, please consider giving a gift that will impact the lives of the children in Bukavu.
*Our anonymous donor will match your gift dollar-for-dollar until Wednesday 7/20/16.

Click here to visit our Razoo Campaign page.

Many thanks to each of you who have already shared, given and are praying for our children and workers. I wish you could see the glow on their faces when they realize people far and wide are thinking of them.


Next Up — Why do we have a Two Week VBS in Congo?

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