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Meet our Students – Joyce MUKE

My name is Sandrine KALUME. I am one of the teachers working with FHA to assist the children in their schoolwork at the Future Hope Africa Center in Nguba, in Bukavu. I have a degree in computers and I teach a homework class for the children at the Center.Joyce

I am anxious and excited to write about my cousin who is also attending the Center activities. His name is Joyce Mugisho Muke, and he is 14 years old. There has been such a positive change in his behavior and in his school grades that I wanted to tell you about him.

After 6 months of attending the Center’s activities, I have noticed a positive change in my cousin and I would like to share it. He started coming to the Center last September when the new school year launched.

My cousin was redoing his second year of secondary school because he failed all his classes. It is not that he was not intelligent enough to pass, or because his parents were lacking money for his school fees, no. He failed only because he decided he was going to give up on schoolwork.

The teacher in charge at school called his parents and told them that Joyce was neglecting to write his class summaries and other assignments, he was not doing his homework and was disobeying so much that they decided to make him fail the classes and oust him from the school.

When he started in a new school in September, his parents sent him to the FHA Center and there he started attending the after-school programs. Mr. De Neuf, who’s in charge of the oldest children, started assisting him in doing his homework and his studying, but also took time to give him advice about his life and everything. Now, little by little Joyce has gained confidence and the desire to succeed.

As Mr. De Neuf continued to work with him, at the end of the term exams, Joyce managed to be second best of his class on the overall grades.

It is with a grateful heart that I thank the FHA initiative and the work this organization is doing here. And I know and pray that we will continue having more and more positive testimonies like this for the work that is being done here for the glory of the Most High. Educating a child is raising a life, a family, a community, a church, a country … and I am proud of being part of this!

Sandrine KALUME