12 Days of Christmas in Congo – Africa’s Switzerland

Kristin King Author

IMG_0115We drive up the low mountains–very well paved road so far in Rwanda as we make our way on Christmas Day from Kigali to Congo. Traffic is “good” Bintu says meaning it is not as bad as usual. We do stop for a small wreck. A mini SUV as lost one wheel off the curb and is stuck. No wonder, the curb is 3 feet (over a meter) sheer drop. The SUV probably sits on its axle.

I know that sound–the drop, the clonk of your metal car frame on paving. I did that backing out of a friend’s driveway in Kentucky when I was in school at Murray State University. Just like at home, someone with a big truck and a chain is pulling the car out. The wait is not long and we are moving quickly.

Not like home, the military police with guns stop our car. One…

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