December 22, 2014

President’s Corner

Looks like Mission Trip 2014 is finally happening. There are 2 of us going, one from Kentucky and one from Holland, as the pioneers who hope to pave the way for future teams. It came down to the last minute whether it would be me alone, but the visa came back in the nick of time (Thanking God!). Lord willing, Jaime Chaudoin and I will be entering the DR Congo late Christmas Eve. Please keep us in your prayers.

Our bags are packed with school supplies, Christmas candy, a new projector for the center and lots of other items. One special request was for art canvases for the center, and a local artist bought all the stacks I had room for just this past Saturday. Thank you! Three new sponsorships for tuition came in this last week, and that’s three more children that can afford to complete their secondary education. Thank you!

There are still miles and miles to go, and my to-do list for next week is longer than my leg. The winds here in the Netherlands are brutal and have been delaying flights for days. Our families are sad to see us go at this special time of year, and yet we hear the call and are answering it. Please keep us, our families, and especially our friends on the ground in the DRC in your prayers as we work together.

I’ve never really imagined myself as president of anything, and to say that I am one of a nonprofit is still unreal. But Bintu wrote to tell me that the children are looking forward to meeting FHA Mama at a Christmas party on Friday, and that was an ah-ha moment for me. FHA Mama–that’s a title that sits better. Two days following that I will teach about handling money according to Biblical wisdom. Jaime and I will also be shooting videos and photos, meeting all the FHA partners in DRC who are available, and getting correspondence from students to send to their sponsors.

To me this trip is one of encouragement, to say to those children that people elsewhere care, to tell the adults giving so much of their time for so little compensation that they are not alone, to let folks back home know that this dream of Africa can come true if that is where their hearts are leading.

Please watch our Facebook page for updates as I hope to get on the internet enough to get the word out. (

Christmas in Congo–here we come!

God bless your holiday in great, unfathomable ways this year,

Mama Kristin

Future Hope Africa is a 501(c )(3) non-profit organization registered in the United States. For more information visit our webpage or write to:
115 Canterbury Ct
Princeton, KY 42445


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