Christmas Eve in Africa (Ethiopia) – 12 Days of Christmas in Congo

Kristin King Author

Ethiopian AirStepping off the plane in Addis Ababa, I can close my eyes and imagine I am on the science fiction planet Dune. Not because Ethiopia is a desert, far from it, but because the air smells of dust and spice. I arrive to greet the late dawn–the air beyond the cabin doors is cool and relieving, an open quality I missed for the last 8 hours of flight.

In this Ethiopian capitol airport the prayer room with its colorful rugs is quite busy–as is the glass smoking box nearby. In Frankfurt, Germany, this room was dubbed the Camel Box. I have a terrible headache and think sleep would help except this is a sinus headache. A headache is nothing considering the checkpoint is scanning for possible ebola.

The lady who sat next to me on the plane was surprised to see every disembarking passenger getting their fever checked. Two women in…

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