President’s Corner – December 2, 2014

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From the President of Future Hope Africa

My younger sons learned a song at school last week that repeated “We are thankful! We are thankful!” Their child-voiced music echoes in my spirit today. I pray you feel much the same.

The Congo was declared Ebola Free, and I am full of joy and trepidation as I tell you that Mission Trip 2014 is on for the end of December. Since the trip will span New Year’s, we could call it the 2014-2015 trip. Please think of us and pray for the two of us as we apply for Visas and pack our bags. We will be taking school supplies, a bicycle (from the Maryland youth organization, Bikes for Africa), and other small items you left in our care. Thank you very much.

Good News and Grateful Hearts for:

  • completed repair work to the ceiling in the tutoring center
  • encouraging parent meeting after reopening
  • continued Belgian partnership spreading impact to 30 area schools
  • good report from tutor for one of our girl’s tailor training
  • additional funding for tuition to help 8 girls stay in school
  • account now open so we can receive stock donations
  • less expensive mission trip flights than expected

Although our nonprofit status with the US federal government is firm and our organization is incorporated in Kentucky, we are still waiting for the Charity Registration in Kentucky which will enable us to move forward with our first annual fund raiser. We are hopeful our registration will come through by the end of the month.

Living in Europe again means that I recently visited the town and church in Belgium where God brought together our founding members. I am tentatively scheduled to speak there on a Sunday morning in January, a perfect opportunity to hone my speaking skills and share from the heart about the trip from which I will have just returned. I hope this will be the beginning of many such engagements.

Advent is defined as “the arrival of a notable person or thing,” so we celebrate the birth of Jesus, looking forward to his return, and, I pray we see Him active in this pragmatic mission work as we lift our hands to worship and to offer back to God what He has given us to do.

As always, please send me your questions or ways we can pray for you.

Lifting you to my Lord,



One response to this post.

  1. You’re smart to get your charity registration in place before you start fundraising. Lots of orgs don’t and some end up regretting it. Good wishes for your work!



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