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April 2014 News

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News from Bukavu

Bintu writes:

” I have an elementary scholar who usually comes earlier than all the others. Hungry, sometimes from two days without eating, he gives me pity. We have been giving him a glass of milk and a piece of bread. Would you allow us to add it in our monthly budget? I have been talking with our teachers about the children who should be assisted in this way, and they think that if we serve a snack, we should serve all the children. We need to budget it before we undertake. However, just for this one child, we have already started giving. Please allow us to add it to our budget.”


Mission Trip 2014

Preparations continue for the mission trip to Bukavu this summer.  Please contact us at for the latest information.

Prayer Requests

 We ask for your continued prayer support as we move forward with Future Hope Africa.  Our current prayer needs include:

1. Safe travels for Bintu.

– Please pray for Bintu as she travels in Belgium to meet with our partners there.

2. 2014 Mission Trip.

– Please pray as preparations continue for our Mission Trip to Bukavu this summer.  The Center in Bukavu

3. Expansion of our children’s Center in Bukavu.

– The Center in Bukavu is becoming overcrowded and we need to find the right solution.

4. Snack Program.

– Please pray with us as we seek the funds to add a snack program at our Tutoring Center so the children will not go hungry.