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November 2013

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Bintu head shotBintu is currently in the United States making the rounds to several areas on the East Coast and speaking for different groups.  She has made presentations for church groups, school children, civic groups, mission teams and more.  We are seeing God work in hearts as His people are made aware of the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Please keep her in your prayers as she continues her travels and speaking engagements.

Mission Trip  2014

Plans are underway for a group to fly to Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo,  next summer to help out at our children’s center.  Possible activities include: Vacation Bible School; short classes on subjects such as Personal Finance, Self Defense for Women, building repairs and/or expansion for the children’s center.

Coming Soon:  Our Book Project

Earlier this year our Teacher’s Center in Bukavu sponsored a writing contest and invited high school students from around the city to participate.  The first day of this two day seminar was spent teaching the students how to write a paper.  The second day each student was then asked to write their own paper.  The papers were collected and sent to the United States where they are being published along with papers written by American students.  These papers are being published in a book and will be released soon with proceeds from sales going to Future Hope Africa to help fund more projects. We will post information here once the book is published.

Prayer Needs

We ask for your continued prayer support as we move forward with Future Hope Africa.  Our current prayer needs include:

1. Our 501c-3 application.

– It is currently being reviewed by the IRS and we are hoping to hear back from them in the next few weeks.  Please pray that God will place our application in the right hands and that we will receive our final approval for our 501c-3 status.

2. 2014 Mission Trip.

– We have several people already planning to make the trip to Bukavu next summer.  Please pray as plans come together for this trip.

– A group from First Baptist Church in Woodbridge, Virginia might join this trip as well.  Please pray as they make the decision to either join the 2014 Team or plan a separate trip for another year.The Center in Bukavu

3. Expansion of our children’s Center in Bukavu.

– The Center in Bukavu is becoming overcrowded and plans need to be made to expand the building.

– Please pray for our partnership with the church that owns the building that houses our children’s center.

– A choice must be made whether to put up a temporary expansion that will later be torn down or to build a permanent structure in partnership with the church.




Thanksgiving 2013


We would like to take this opportunity to wish our friends and supporters in the United States a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.